Announcing New NFBI Webmaster

After the resignation of Webmaster Byron Lee, we did a search through the NFBNet listservs for his successor.

I am proud to announce that the new webmaster for NFBI is Brian Mackey of New Jersey. Brian currently serves as NFBNJ affiliate treasurer and webmaster. Earlier this year, he along with the NJ Website Committee completely rebuilt their website on the WordPress platform.

Brian is also the proud owner of Mackey Enterprises, LLC, which assists individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits with their personal and business related data entry, bookkeeping, and website projects. Prior to rebuilding the NFBNJ website, he built his company website,

We thank Brian for taking this on for us and look forward to seeing what improvements he will make to our site.

Denise Avant
President, National Federation of the Blind of Illinois