Chappell/Dennis Award

James Chappell/Carmen Dennis Award FORM
UPDATED 8/6/21

This award has been established as a living memorial to James Chappell and Carmen Dennis. James and Carmen were both long-time Federationists with extraordinary dedication to our movement.

James’ hard work on behalf of the National Federation of The Blind (often in the face of seriously impaired health) was an inspiration and a demonstration of undaunted loyalty and dedication to the organized blind movement. James passed away on the steps of City Hall on his way to advocate for better transportation.

Carmen served our affiliate in numerous capacities throughout the years. She often assisted people to attend conventions out of her own pocket. She passed away while she held the office of NFBI secretary.

The award is intended to assist persons interested in NFBI to attend conventions, seminars, and the like. Recipients of the Chappell/Dennis Award must demonstrate genuine interest in, and commitment to the blind of Illinois or the potential to develop such interest and commitment. Recipients are expected to attend all sessions relative to the event for which they receive assistance.

The attached application must be completely filled out and submitted to the President of the National Federation of The Blind of Illinois. Please submit this form in an accessible format, .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf or an accessible Adobe PDF. The NFBI expects all participants to contribute to funding to attend events. The Award Committee may award partial funding to assist individuals to attend seminars, conventions, or the like.

Application Form