Chicago Chapter Read-A-Thon

The National Federation of the Blind hosts Washington Seminar each year, which brings members together to educate our congress, mentor one another, attend career fairs, participate in student division events and other meetings, and experience the confidence boost that comes from gathering with our Federation family. The planning required to coordinate hundreds of individuals who are ready to talk with congress is complex, but the woman who spearheads our Washington Seminar logistics planning, Buna Dahal, is from Chicago and is honored to do so.

“My first chapter meeting was in May of 1993. Before I came I did not know how to travel. I did not know I could take the train, ride a bus, or use a long white cane. I remember that people told me they got around by just using a cane. So I learned, and for my next meeting I took the train from Downers Grove, Illinois into Chicago. Since then I have not stopped. I am so honored to follow in Diane McGeorge’s footsteps to plan our Washington Seminar. Diane and I are both small in stature, but we take this big responsibility seriously. Being asked to take on this role touched me very much. Because of the Federation I know I can do it.”

The National Federation of the Blind of Illinois Chicago Chapter is asking friends, family and supporters of our movement to help us change lives by contributing to our annual Read-A-Thon fundraising event. Supporters can make a difference by choosing to donate a flat fee or contribute an amount per page read.

Ways to Donate:

Supporters can contribute with making payments via Zelle, check or by PayPal. Please indicate that your contribution is for the Chicago Chapter Read-A-Thon, and which reader you are supporting. Payment information can be found below.

You can send donations via Zelle at

Checks can be written out to The National Federation of the Blind of Illinois Chicago Chapter and sent to our chapter treasurer Steve Hastalis at:
5333 N Sheridan Road, Apt 3E
Chicago Illinois, 60640

If you wish to make a donation online, please visit our PayPal page by clicking the link below.

Thank you for your Support.

Thank you for considering making a contribution for the National Federation of the Blind of Illinois Chicago Chapter’s Read-A-Thon. All proceeds will go towards the NFB of Illinois Chicago Chapter efforts in changing lives of blind people in Chicago.

National Federation of the Blind One Minute Message.

The National Federation of the Blind knows that blindness is not the characteristic that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people because low expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams.

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