COVID-19 Financial Relief Program

The 2020-2021 Covid-19 Pandemic has affected many areas of life for everyone, including activities such as transportation, shopping, child care, education, employment, socializing, and receiving necessary assistance from others. In some cases, the social distancing and other restrictions that keep us safe have imposed unique challenges and economic hardships for those of us who are blind, even beyond those experienced by the general public.

The purpose of the 2021 NFBI Covid-19 assistance program is to provide modest assistance for those for whom these unplanned expenses have created hardships. Since this is a need-based assistance program, applicants must be willing to share some information about their pre-pandemic and post-pandemic income. This assistance is not designed to return people to the place where they were prior to the pandemic, but it is a way for the NFBI to help alleviate the hardships of some blind Illinoisians.

The NFBI President will appoint a person or persons to interview applicants for COVID relief grants. The application form and a letter from the interviewer will be reviewed by the NFBI Chappell-Dennis Committee, which will make the final determination. In return for assistance, we ask that recipients write a note of appreciation that we can share with our generous contributors.

Click here to download the application form.

If you have questions or need assistance completing the form, please contact NFB of Illinois president Marilyn Green at 312-343-8396 or