Transit Directions: Holiday Inn O’Hare to The Boundary Tavern and Grill

  1. Groups will depart via shuttle from the Holiday Inn O’Hare; where they will arrive at the Cumberland Blue Line CTA stop. At the station, we will go up steps. Groups will have to pay for tickets which will be $2.50. They take cash and Apple Pay.
  2. Once onboard the train, students will ride 10 stops and get off at the Damen stop.
  3. Students will walk South on North Damen Ave for .5 miles until they hit West Division Street. On the way they will cross over Pierce Avenue, Le Moyne Street, Schiller street, Evergreen Avenue, Potomac Avenue, Crystal Street, and walk up to Division Street.
  4. Take a left turning East on West Division Street and walk maybe 100 – 200 feet and you will find The Boundary Tavern and Grill on your left. The address is 1932 West Division.

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