Washington Seminar

2020 Washington Seminar Application

Must be submitted to NFBI President no later than December 1.

This form applies to members of the National Federation of the Blind of Illinois who wish to attend the Washington Seminar whether or not assistance is sought from NFBI. It must be returned to our affiliate president via e-mail on or before December 1st. Half of our attendees must arrive by Sunday night and leave no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday evening. The other half of our attendees must arrive on Sunday night and leave no earlier than 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening. A mandatory training call will occur before Washington Seminar and a mandatory wrap up conference call will occur after Washington Seminar. Failure to comply with any requirements of the program, may lead to ineligibility in the future.

The specific confirmed travel itinerary for arrival and departure must be provided to the Washington Seminar coordinator no later than December 23rd. A local two hour teleconference training session which will occur in late December or early January must be attended before appointments will be scheduled. This training will cover protocols such as the need for participants to attend assigned appointments and fulfill specific roles as scheduled. Participants are expected to attend an afternoon training session in Washington on Monday unless assigned to another commitment at that time. Participants are also expected to contact at least one federal legislator following the Washington Seminar in order to follow-up on the discussions and garner or confirm support for our initiatives.

All applications will be considered by the Chappell/Dennis Award Committee. The Committee will consult with Federal Legislative Committee Chairs. NFBI wishes to schedule appointments for no more than 9 attendees to Washington Seminar. The Committee shall attempt to approve no more than 5 veteran participants, at least 3 first-time attendees, and up to 3 students to attend the seminar. First, priority shall be granted to those from under represented geographic areas in the state. That is, the Committee shall attempt to ensure representation from as many different areas of the state as possible. Second, the committee shall consider year round participation in state and federal legislative initiatives. Those who have actively contacted and/or visited their legislators shall be given priority over those who have not done so. The committee shall consider whether an applicant listed the correct congressman below in weighing the applicants ability to follow up and participate in Washington Seminar activities and legislative initiatives. The same person may be counted in more than one category, e.g. a student may also be a new attendee.

2020 Washington Seminar Application (Word Format)

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